Dzo 729 Gets Us Anticipated For Next Studio Project With ‘Why Wenza So’ feat. Dlala Regal, Springle & Tracy

Dzo 729, Dlala Regal, Springle & Tracy - Why Wenza So

Dzo 729 will be releasing his next studio album, ‘If It Wasn’t For the Music 2’ this coming Friday, 12 July 2024 and as per tradition, he is creating awareness and building anticipation with the release of this Dlala Regal, Springle & Tracy-assisted single, ‘Why Wenza So.’

Dzo 729 has proven his worth in the Amapiano music scene. If there is any producer we are confident that his releases won’t disappoint, it is Dzo 729. You see, the way old players compile music is different from the way newer kids do theirs. Sound maturity and taste indeed comes with age and Dzo 729 has proven this to be true with his numerous bangers.

As someone that has been in the Amapiano music scene for over a decade, Dzo 729 is notorious for his ability to combine new age elements like Sgija with tradition Amapiano elements to create an hybrid sound that can be pleasing to the ears of both young and old groovers and this new track perfectly confirms this.

Featuring Dlala Regal, Springle & Tracy, ‘Why Wenza So’ is a reminiscent of a 2017’s era of piano with nostalgic synths and percs, and bass that can only be described as irresistible. After giving this drop a listen, we believe you will rush to pre-order your copy of ‘If It Wasn’t For the Music 2’ which will drop this coming Friday.

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