El Maestro Revalidate Dominance With ‘Chimame’

El Maestro - Chimame ft. Bra Best, Lesco, Scrooge KmoA, TP & Gento Bareto

You thought El Maestro was done with the year after releasing his single, Nguwe Wedwa? Think again. Seeking more territory in the Amapiano battle ground, the producer is here with ‘Chimame,’ a banger that features Bra Best, Lesco, Scrooge KmoA, TP & Gento Bareto.

It is good to see El Maestro hasn’t slacked a bit in his quest to become a formidable force inside the SA music mainstream. You get the real taste of piano listening to his production and we are glad that producers like this still exist. ‘Chimame’ is his newest offering and it is a bang!

Featuring Bra Best, Lesco, Scrooge KmoA, TP & Gento Bareto, this track has the feel of a festival banger, and certainly will have heads rolling over the winter season. Powerful, inventive sounds and sultry vocals are part of what make this one a sure banger you can not afford to miss out on.

This drop is most definitely a standout. Regardless if you’re a dedicated follower of Amapiano, the quality heard here is top notch. Enjoy!

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