Emtee Shows Willingness To Work With Shebeshxt

Emtee Says He Willing To Work With Shebeshxt

Shebeshxt has worked himself up the ladder and it’s only normal he gets recognition from some Hiphop legendary figures. Some days back, Emtee revealed that he’s willing to be a friend of Shebeshxt and probably release tracks together.


“I mess with Shebe. I think we can make good friends. Reminds me of manando. was happy to meet him. Nobody is playing with his name in my presence.” – Emtee tweeted.

It has been a thing for established artists to easily connect with underground and young artists who recently explode in the music scene. Since Shebeshxt made a burst into the music scene, a lot of veterans have showed interest in collaborating with him, including DJ Maphorisa who has already recorded some few tracks with the emerging rapper.

Now, Emtee seems to be next in line as he has just shown interest in working with controversial artists, and Shebeshxt is accepting the hand of friendship extended to him by Emtee. In a post shared on his social media, he expressed appreciation and saluted Emtee’s effort in reaching out to him.

“I salute Emtee👊🏼❤️🤞🏽 Dai Bra O Nale Vrostan.”Shebeshxt posted.


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