Kelvin Momo & Kabza De Small Locked In A Legal Battle

Ever wondered why Kelvin Momo & Kabza De Small who were once close buddies no longer cross path? Well, a close source has just revealed to Zimoja that the duo are entangled in a legal battle and this has put a strain in their professional relationship.


During the early days of Amapiano, Kelvin Momo was initially signed to Kabza De Small’s PianoHub records where he dropped his Momo’s Private School album in 2020. Distributed exclusively by Sony music Entertainment, the body of work was a total success, amassing over 30 million cumulative streams.

Unfortunately, Kelvin Momo claimed that the success of the project never had any major financial impact on him, which prompt him to exit PianoHub and eventually launched his Kelvin Momo Productions in 2021. Not only is Kelvin Momo alleging that PianoHub failed in meeting up with the timely payment of royalties, but he’s also claiming that Kabza De Small and his label failed to uphold several other contractual obligations, such as the effective promotion of his debut “Momo’s Private School,” and the securing of endorsements.

Kelvin Momo is also claiming that Kabza De Small’s team refused to inform distributors and publishers about the end of their contractual agreement in 2021, and this led to payments being remitted to PianoHub records rather than the owner of the original work, Kelvin Momo.

Legal Battles
Feeling betrayed and exploited, Kelvin Momo is now seeking a redress from the court. Kelvin Momo’s legal action includes an alleged breach of contract. He filed a lawsuit in the Johannesburg High Court some days ago. In his legal filing, Momo is demanding a substantial R1 million in compensation for unpaid royalties and the failure of PianoHub to meet its contractual obligations.

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