Lastborn – Ama Pholas Vol 7 Mix

Lastborn - Ama Pholas Vol 7 Mix

Lastborn has caught our ear on more than one occasion with his infectious mixtapes and productions that make you want to go to his LastBorn Corners pub and spend all the money you have got on some expensive liquor while you listen to his soothing sounds. Getting us hyped for the weekend, he serves us with “Ama Pholas Vol 7 Mix.”

DJ LastBorn has been shaking up the Amapiano scene ever since he made his first moves of becoming a deejay. At first, we thought he wouldn’t be able to make significant progress, but he keeps proving us wrong. Being an event organizer and a club owner did not in any way prevented him from acquiring and polishing some mad production skills.

Adding more numbers to his Ama Pholas series, he has served us with this new tape and this one is filled to the brim with sultry piano tunes to set the mood.

Mixes from LastBorn just bangs differently from his peers in the Amapiano music scene. His mixes are all about letting us see the true beauty of the Amapiano sound rather than just making us want to dance and this newest from him called “Ama Pholas Vol 7 Mix” is no exception. sincerely, LastBorn is just another reason for listeners to keep their eyes on the emerging Amapiano sound.


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