Lowbass Djy & Skroef 28 – Bounced

Lowbass Djy & Skroef 28 - Bounced

The way we promote Sgidongo, you may think we have some interest in the emerging sound. But we are really only concerned about pushing good music. “Bounced” is a new Sgidongo offering from Lowbass Djy & Skroef 28, and it’s an explosive banger.

As an Amapiano fanatic, there’s no greater pleasure than getting in on the ground floor with a flawlessly produced record. And today we bring you one of such banger via this infectious new release from Lowbass Djy & Skroef 28.

It’s really good to see Lowbass Djy collaborating with established and reigning figures. Featuring Skroef 28, he is giving Sgidongo a big opportunity to shine and get the attention of more Amapiano listeners.

“Bounced” is a finely packaged record that is made up of powerful basslines and chords that capture your attention the moment you hit the play button. The track also blend PSP elements with everything Sgidongo. The result is bold and infectious instrumental that makes you hits replay over and over again. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Lowbass Djy & Skroef 28 – Bounced

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