Ntandokazi Bash: The Lady That Captured The Attention of All SA Men

Ntandokazi has been trending on the social media space for two days non-stop. The video of herself interacting her boyfriend has got several South African men drooling, with many wishing they have such great personality on their side.


Before now, there have been this banter between SA men and women, with many male constantly on the neck of SA queens due to their alleged love for material things and foreign men like Nigerians.
During the AFCON, South African men embarked on a steady social media cruise, teasing our local ladies that they have found a perfect replacement in Cape Verde.

With the emergence of Ntandokazi, many are beginning to reconsider their choice of Cape Verdean women and other foreign ladies. Now, they are showering praise on South African women like Ntandokazi, who are well-spoken and bring peace to their men.

Ntandokazi and her boyfriend, Bash, are currently the best couple in town and we hope their love stand the test of time.


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