Pushkin RSA – Groove Cartel Amapiano Mix

Pushkin - Groove Cartel Amapiano Mix

While Pushkin isn’t yet one of the biggest vocalist in the Amapiano scene, there’s a lot of chances that he’d be one of the most sought-after in the coming years. Exposing his vocal wealth to the wilder audience, he’s paired with the Groove Cartel for a lavish Amapiano mixtape.

As a common theme with many musicians, there is the belief that not expressing your vocal range when the opportunity presents itself could mean doom to any career. While that may be true, we are of the believe that not releasing music at all kills a career faster than anything.

Pushkin RSA hasn’t slacked in giving us bangers. Infact, he has an upcoming project coming and some few tracks from the “Time Will Tell EP” is already flying on digital platforms. Unveiling more tracks from the upcoming release, he has paired with the Amapiano Groove cartel for a lavish mixtape.

Listen below.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Pushkin – Groove Cartel Amapiano Mix

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