Senior Oat Give Us ‘Reason To Pray’ In New Record

Senior Oat Give Us Reason To Pray In New Record

Releases from Senior Oat are not your typical house offerings. They are records specifically crafted to connect you to your creator. Giving us more spirit-filled melodies, the majestic producer has delivered to us “Reason To Pray” and this one features Ms Abbey, Andriana & Mzweshper SA.

We can’t always be doing introduction for established figure like Senior Oat. If you don’t know this great talent, then we are of the conviction that you are not a regular music listener. Senior Oat’s productions since his burst into the music scene have been an inspiration to many deep and soulful house lover.

Promoting his forthcoming Miracles Album that is due for release April 5, he brings us this hot new track called “Reason To Pray” and this one has a catchy melody and groove ready for those a lone moment with your creator.

Running for 5:13, this track shines not only in the production aspect but the vocal path. The lyrics in the track are quite tempting and looks much like the message were directed towards many of us who are constantly seeking the face of God.

This track is a complete package and something that can inspire you and take you far away from your challenges.

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