Senjay Promotes Pieces of Me Album with “Prime Sgafro”

Senjay, Inter B & Draad - Prime Sgafro

Whenever artists are about dropping a mighty project, they start with pushing hot singles to the ears of listeners. Senjay continues with that practice as he pairs with Inter B & Draad for this hot single called “Prime Sgafro.”

In few weeks time, Senjay’s Pieces of Me Album will hit the stores. For those who would love to get a taste of what to expect, his newest single with Inter B & Draad is a perfect summary of the upcoming release and it is one you need to digest if you really want to be supportive of this emerging figure.

We have been a long time follower of Senjay. Even before his Iqolo Lam single with Tman Xpress, Mellow & Sleazy, Sjavas Da Deejay & TitoM dominated the charts, his offerings has dominated our playlist. Infact, there hasn’t been a song we haven’t loved by him and this one with Inter B & Draad entitled “Prime Sgafro” is no exception.

“Prime Sgafro” is a track with soulful sound design which gets amplified by some powerful synths and chords, resulting to a melody that is sure to get the best part of you.

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