Sinny Man’Que – Oxford Music #3 (100% Production Mix)

Sinny Man

Just when we thought Sinny Man’Que has given up on his musical career, he resurfaces with a banging new mixtape and this one he titles “Oxford Music #3 (100% Production Mix).”

This new mixtape is the second installment in a series that began in May of 2022. “Oxford Music 3” is a production mixtape that features the best of Sinny Man’Que’s productions.

Sinny Man’Que needs no introduction. He’s one of the few producer that has continued to churn out some impressive piano productions that have captivated listeners around the world. Coming out from his self-imposed exile, the producer has delivered to us this perfect selection and this one is intended for dark rooms and lonely moments.


DOWNLOAD MP3: Sinny Man’Que – Oxford Music #3 (100% Production Mix)

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