Sir LSG & Buddynice Deliver “For You (Vocal Mix)”

Sir LSG & Buddynice Deliver For You (Vocal Mix)

If you have listened to the last two episodes of Sir LSG’s mixes, then there’s a big chance that you’re one of those craving for the release “For You.” The track which was co-produced by Buddynice features the vocals of Skye Wanda & The Bless.

Sir LSG & Buddynice have established themselves in the industry as record-breaking house producers and DJs. While we haven’t experienced much of their collaborations, they have individually made a mark in the house scene. Strengthening their friendship, the duo has teamed up for this new track called ‘For You.’

“For You (Vocal Mix)” starts off with dope beats, followed by some electrifying vocals. With a runtime of 8:00, this drop is sure to give you the chills – it’s that good.

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