Tap Into W4DE’s Production Range via ‘Rare Series (ODD)’

W4DE Rare Series (ODD)

W4DE indeed has a bright future ahead of him in the Amapiano music scene and his recent productions is a prove of that. Following his successful delivery of the Bounce EP in March, the teen producer is here once again with another variations of his Rare soundscape via ‘Rare Series (ODD).’

W4DE made a career out of his ability to produce stellar Amapiano tracks of Sgija origins which made him one of the most sought after teen producer in Mzansi. His First major single is Grootman Shandis which made huge strides in the Amapiano underground scene with over 100k collective streams. Released in 2021, the track exposed many ears to the Private School Piano soundscape of the emerging figure. Many years down the line and the he hasn’t slowed down a bit in giving us truly infectious scorchers. Just recently, he served us with ‘Sakaa,’ a massive track that has garnered over 500k streams and still counting.

Continuing to build on his gains and momentum, the producer is here with the different variations and interpretations of his Rare Sound and it’s marvellous. ‘Rare Series (ODD) EP’ is 10 track project that shows W4DE’s ability to produce a variety of sounds that are born from his signature soundscapes.

This EP has supports from Jaylokas, Djy Zan SA, Boips and Nkukza SA. Listening to this project, you can easily tell that everyone was having a good time in the studio while curating and compiling the different sounds and effects that were embed on each of the 10 tracks that make up this album.

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