Telkom Gifts Subscribers Free 1GB For Inconveniences Caused By Internet Outage

Telkom has gifted its subscribers free 1GB of data for inconveniences caused by internet outage. Over the past couple of days, users of Telkom have been finding it extremely difficult to access the internet.


The glitch in service and network interruption was a result of faulty under-sea cables that connect Southern African countries with servers located around the globe. Although, the service is back to normal, some users are still finding it difficult to access the web.

Apologising and compensating for the inconvenience caused by the unexpected service interruptions, Telkom is gifting its subscribers with 1GB worth of data. Users of one of the biggest telecommunication company in South Africa have started receiving their gift and those who are yet to receive will get theirs in the coming hours.

“To you, our loyal and valued customer, siyaxolisa, ons is jammer, re kopa tswarelo 🙏🏽 Please accept 1GB Telkom data as a token of our apology. We’ll roll this out over the next few days, check in on this post once yours has landed. 💙 Thank you for your patience.” – Telkom

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