UMngomezulu Drops Remixes For ‘Love You More’

UMngomezulu Drops Remixes For Love You More

Many of us don’t really see the beauty of some records unless it has been renditioned by various artists. While the original always sounds better, there are cases where remixes brings out the beast in a record.

Today, UMngomezulu is giving his ‘Love You More’ single an extended touch with remixes from reigning house producers such as Fatso 98, Deep Essentials, C-Moody, NewTunez and others too numerous too mention.

Featuring Jeru, Love You More was the lead single on UMngomezulu’s Remedies EP that was released in 2022. This latest package came at a time when fans are about forgetting the goodness of the entire project. This remixes EP holds 11 tracks that not only revisits the essence of the original single but enhances it with dope twist and several melodic blends.



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