Record L Jones Leaves DJ Jaivane’s Simnandi Records Few Months After Being Signed


Record L Jones Leaves DJ Jaivanes Simnandi Records Few Months After Being Signed

Back in August, DJ Jaivane announced he is signing two fresh talents namely Record L Jones and Slenda vocals into his Simnandi label.

Few months after they were signed, they paired with DJ jaivane on a song Ubusha Bethu which became an instant hit, within this period, the duo’s popularity, to some extent overshadowed that of other members of the record.

Everything was all good until recently when issues started to pop out as Record L Jones indirectly accused DJ jaivane of slowing his progress by no letting him release any mixtape or singles, after much deliberation, he decided to end things with Simnandi records so he could focus more on his career.

Read his statement below.

It is with my deepest sorrow that I am leaving Simnandi Records due to personal reasons. I am currently waiting for my termination of contract so that I can release my music independently . Unfortunatly I can’t release music & my mixtape now. I am now going to persue my career as independent artist and I am so greatful for the platform I got from the record label, I worked day & night to grow as an artist and grow the label keeping my heart with the people that listen to our music. I think you heard my music & gift Things were really tough to the point that I couldn’t endure; I tried talking to management but nothing was done. I am currently taking bookings independently on this contacts 079 7176 703. Further issues will be addressed soon. I love you all.

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