Ceega – Funky Tuesday Mix (Youth Day Edition)


Ceega Funky Tuesday Mix (Youth Day Edition)

Ceega always have a mixtape for every special occasion and the year’s Youth Day Edition wouldn’t be any different as he brings us “Funky Tuesday Mix” to celebrate the special occasion.

Previously known as Soweto Day, Youth Day is a holiday dedicated to the youths in South Africa and it marks the start of the Soweto riots in 16th of June 1976. The riots were ignited by a government ruling that all teaching in black schools would be held in Afrikaans.

The issue was not so much the teaching in Afrikaans, but rather the whole system of education which was characterised by separate schools and universities, poor facilities, overcrowded classrooms and inadequately trained teachers for the black majority. On June 16th 1976 nearly 30,000 pupils from Soweto joined a protest march.

Remebering the sacrifices made, Ceega curate this superb mixtape, all for your listening pleasure.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Ceega – Funky Tuesday Mix (Youth Day Edition)


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