Fans Reaction To Mr JazziQ & Josiah De Disciple’s Album


How Fans Reacted To Mr JazziQ & Josiah De Disciples Album

Former Jazzidiciples Stars, Mr JazziQ & Josiah De Disciple have finally released their individual albums and each has been receiving rave reviews both locally and internationally, most especially from Amapiano fanatics.

In just a couple of weeks of its release, both albums have topped charts, and is still breaking multiple records. Today we are here to compare fans reactions of both album.

Mr Jazziq – Party With The English
Mr Jazziq was the first to drop his album, although the project included some hit tracks such as “Woza”, fans weren’t too satisfied with the content that made up the remaining part of the album, with some asking Mr Jazziq to work on his craft. Read the Reactions below.

Josiah De Disciple – Spirit of Makoela Vol. 2: The Reintroduction Album

Josiah De Disciple gave the month a April a perfect wrap with his highly anticipated album, the album which was aimed at redefining the piano sound has got positive reviews from fans, unlike the negative reviews on Mr Jazziq’s album. Read reactions below.


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