Sje Konka & Freddy K – Shapa Munne 2


Sje Konka & Freddy K Shapa Munne 2

Mid last year, Sje Konka & Freddy K went their separate ways due to some unresolved issues and it hasn’t been easy for fans of the duo. Having resolved their conflicts, they have decided to come together and work as team by dropping “Shapa Munne 2”.

“Shapa Munne 2” is the second episode of their discontinued EP series consisting of fifteen tracks and it features strong vocals, a melodic masterclass that leave no prisoners.

The album is a perfect comeback for Sje Konka & Freddy K. Before now, they have previously released their individual albums, Freddy K dropped “Takes A Stand while Sje Konka gave us 298 Birthday  which was followed by 100k Followers Appreciation EP.

The Projects released individually by the duo were exceptionally wonderful but it lacked the content that made us fell in love with the producers. Listening to “Shapa Munne 2”, we could feel the vibes that were lacking on “Takes A Stand, 298 Birthday  and 100k Followers Appreciation EP.

Get below.

DOWNLOAD Album: Sje Konka & Freddy K – Shapa Munne 2

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