Brazo wa Afrika – Addictive Sessions Episode 56 Mix

Zatunes May 25, 2022


Brazo wa Afrika  Addictive Sessions Episode 56 Mix

Brazo wa Afrika spice the midweek as he lands us with a fresh episode of his monthly series. Ladies and gentlemen, we offer you “Addictive Sessions Episode 56 Mix.”


Brazo wa Afrika has always been a producer to run to when it comes to explosive mixes. Today, he returns without another solid mixtape that is sure to delight anyone who loves banging house soundscapes. This compilation is one hour long and it sees the producer deliver some bass heaters and dope renditions.

1. Charles Dockins – Love Planet (CDock’s Original Concept Mix)
2. Arnauld D, Morris Revy – Closer (Original Mix)
3. Booker T, Natasha Watts – Let It Go (Instrumental)
4. Cafe 432, Antoinette Roberson – Devoted
5. Christina Ariya – It Aint Right
6. Fizzikx – Funk N’ Slice
7. Soulbridge, Kathy Brown – Dance To The Rhythm Of Love
8. Saison, Miss Yankey – Making Shapes
9. Soulface ft. Unqle Chriz – I’ve Got Love For You
10. Luis Radio – Wurly Chant (Walter G Remix)
11. Michael Gray, Kimberly – Brother Brother
12. Mark Di Meo – A Gentleman’s Song (Unreleased Cee ElAssaad Dub Remix)
13. Lesny Deep – Forgiveness
14. Soledrifter – Just Riding
15. Ross Couch – Reach Out
16. Gabbana – I’m Too Deep For You
17. Local Options – Just Don’t Get It
18. SGVO – Dub Persuit

Listen below.


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