Djy Zan’Ten Sets For “Another Version of Us album” (Check-out Tracklist)

Zatunes May 6, 2022

Djy Zan’Ten Sets For Another Version of Us album (Check-out Tracklist)

Djy Zan’Ten are talented duo with a sound that is healing and transformative. With a growing and addictive catalog, it’s clear that these two youngsters are set off to do bigger things. Solidifying their union, they have just announced their first ever joint album which will be released in the form of “Another Version of Us.”


“Another Version of Us” is due out May 27 and it is currently being promoted by three singles, “Jeke Maan” featuring Malemon, Djy Biza & 10x Guluva, “Izolo Lokho” and “Abancane featuring Welz.

1. Crossroads Of Stories (feat. Kyika DeSoul)
2. Izolo Lokho
3. Impulse (feat. Thabi P)
4. Come On (feat. Kyika DeSoul & Marsey)
5. Staptap (feat. Kyika DeSoul)
6. eMpilweni Yam
7. Jeke Maan (feat. Malemon, Djy Biza & 10x Guluva)
8. Umshiso (feat. Scoop Lezinto)
9. No Mystery
10. Endless Motion
11. Nocturno
12. Sweet Monday
13. Abancane (feat. Welz)
14. Paradise (feat. Jay-Sax & Djy Biza)

Pre-order on digital stores here

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