Djy Zan’ten – Zan’ten to the Mhlaba

Zatunes August 3, 2022

Djy Zan

Djy Zan’ten traces their root with “Zan’ten to the Mhlaba,” an enticing tune that rides the waves of the trending Sgija and traditional piano elements.


Djy Zan’ten have always been our most preferred piano duo. Their emergence has brought lots of goodies to the piano community as we can see in their numerous outings. Appealing once again to musical cravings, they have served us with this fresh track that will leave you with a sense of self satisfaction and everything in-between.

The track is one that opens with heavy chords and midway into the production, they fuse the elements of Sgija and soulful piano we so much love, the result is an irresistible groove that is sure to catch your ear and make you dance non-stop.

Listen below.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Djy Zan’ten – Zan’ten to the Mhlaba


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