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The Veil Vuleka

The Veil debuts with “Vuleka”. The Veil is an Afro-pop, adult contemporary musical duo made up of singers, songwriters, and all-rounder performers Sinoxolo Botha and Chizama Nyiki.

The pair hail from the Eastern Cape respectively, where their love for song and dance became more than just an afternoon activity to pass time.

Sinoxolo, affectionately known as Cyno Lee on stage, was born and bred in
the Eastern Cape in Gqeberha. Her love and passion for dancing started at
the age of 9 when she joined a community group led by Mr. S. Bontsi, a
community leader and presenter on a community radio station KQ FM.

Cyno has a ballroom and Latin dance background that ultimately forged her
path in the performance arts space and later led to her joining the Mojo
Entertainment family in 2007. She trained and performed under the
tutelage of renowned industry greats whilst with the company for several
years. This platform allowed her to travel abroad as a member and cast of
several productions produced by the company.

She has since blossomed into a burgeoning solo act and musician with a body of work including an album titled “IMBOKODO” and several singles in
between. She has performed on stages ranging from the Grahams Town
National Arts festival to a tour to Japan.

Ntlahla CHIZAMA Nyiki completes the dynamic duo with his genesis in the arts being very similar to that of his counterpart. He began his journey in the arts in 1996 with Sakhisizwe Music and Traditional group that was choreographed by his mentor Nosiseko Mtengwane Melese.
Chizama is a dancer, actor, singer, and songwriter with roots in musical theatre. He has performed with various music bands including Kouga Jazz Assemble among many others.

As a choreographer and performer, he has worked on many local and international productions including the international musical theatre phenomenon ‘The Lion King musical” in Brazil. He has honed his craft through staging productions
for the Grahams Town National Arts festival, Standard bank jazz fest, and
performing all around the world for audiences as far as Switzerland and Japan.

Chizama’s musical journey began in 2004 on the Coca-Cola Popstars, the biggest
music talent search TV show at the time. Although he only made it to the top 15
semi-finals, the experience alone was enough to set him on a trajectory to fulfilling his lifelong dream in music. He has penned songs for many prominent artists and musicians including some members of the Bala brothers to name drop a few.

Cyno and Chimaza, the pop duo, came together to form The veil after realizing that their paths had been crossing more often than not. They were booked at the same events and worked on the same productions and were both part of the P.E Opera house. Their shared interest and vision in music, dance, and creative arts as a whole became more than just a commonality between them.
They had found a common voice and a platform to express their creativity through music. The Veil represents all that is creativity for them. Unsung heroes and undiscovered talent that is laid waste every day all around the country, a veil that has long covered unrepresented and misrepresented youths struggling in South Africa, A veil of fear, a veil of depression, a veil of daily struggles. This veil aims to
cover the hurt, cover the wounded and the youth left out in the cold, The veil of music overall lovers of music. THE VEIL….

In the age of pencil-thin divas singing vapid, sexually charged songs written to
provoke, The Veil brings a refreshingly natural sound that rings true to South
Africa. Cyno and Chimaza bring a fresh approach and perspective to modern soul,
R&B, and Afro-pop music.

Their captivating rhythmic blend can be best categorized as Afro-soul fused with
blues, jazz, hip hop, and all the other urban genres interwoven with dance
elements. Their vernacular lyrical content is penned to provoke thought and spark conversation. They also cater for the good times with hypnotic hip-swaying
dance melodies that will leave any dance floor busy.

The Veil works with an array of producers ranging from legendary South African bubblegum soul and jazz boogie cultural icon Condry Ziqubu to the deep melodic soothing sounds of modern Afro-pop and deep house producer Danny Mgiba to name a few. This approach ensures a constant evolution of their sound and musical palette.

Their cultural influences and musical theatre textures infused with classic Afro-soul can be heard alongside a selection of revolutionary and activist vernacular lyrical pieces to provoke thought. And of course, what would music be without romance, The veil features an array of Afro-Soul ballads for the lovers. All of these sounds can be heard on their upcoming project to drop in early 2022. A little piece of the veil for everyone.

Listen to their recent offering Below.

DOWNLOAD MP3: The Veil – Vuleka

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