Bongza & MDU aka TRP – Mzame

Bongza & MDU aka TRP - Mzame

Bongza & MDU aka TRP have teamed up for “Mzame.” The melodic soulful atmosphere found in this newest offering will stir something within you that words can’t interpret.

Bongza and Mdu aka TRP are some of the few producers in the Amapiano music scene that create music without limits. Over the past couple of years, they have taken the genre into a whole different direction, in which you won’t recognize the many styles and sounds that once attracted you to the genre.

“Mzame” is the latest from their corner and this one hits a sweet spot that’s often missed by nowadays Amapiano releases. In my opinion, this track is as good as it gets.


DOWNLOAD MP3: Bongza & MDU aka TRP – Mzame

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