“Do You Want Me Dead?” – Lady Zamar Asks Fans

Do You Want Me Dead? - Lady Zamar Asks Fans

The rape allegations levied on Sjava will for a long time continue to haunt both Lady Zamar and Sjava. Although the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence, Lady Zamar has consistently maintained the truth of her allegations and emphasized that they should not be dismissed.


Putting everything aside and trying to live her life has been a big tasks for Lady Zamar as fans keeps degrading her for her past without trying to understand the full story. Feeling overwhelmed by the negative energy directed towards her, she has expressed her frustration and questioned whether fans want her dead or be harmed.

“why do you guys hate me so much? how have i become such an easy target for you guys? you guys don’t know me or my full story and you don’t know why i’ve kept quiet for such a long time…you guys have no idea how you break a person. I can’t move on from your assumptions of what happened to me… you’ve made your opinions my truth… what’s the end goal of all this hate and why are you so determined to believe a story that’s not even full or mine?… when i try to tell you my truth you guys don’t wanna hear it, when i try to move on you guys attack me,” she said.

“I can’t just tweet and i can’t just voice my opinions about anything especially relationships. please help me out here …can i move on or should i keep on apologising for trying my absolute best to move on… do you want me to kill myself, do you want me to die, be murdered, go to jail to make you guys happy… do you guys want me to stop making music or publicly cry so you can see how i actually feel about what happened to me? please tell me🙏🏽,” she further added.


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