Lady Zamar Promotes Forthcoming Rainbow Album with “Deeper”

Lady Zamar Promotes Forthcoming Rainbow Album with Deeper

While some of you still hold beef with Lady Zamar due to her past actions, there is no denying that she is one of the most versatile vocalist to ever exist in the SA music space. Promoting her forthcoming Rainbow album, this star artists has served us with “Deeper.”


Lady Zamar has been known to release soul healing offerings and this one is no different. “Deeper” will act as the lead single to her forthcoming studio album, “Rainbow.”

“Deeper” talks about falling deeper in love with one’s partner and never letting go. While the track stays pretty minimal throughout its runtime, it carries enough vibes to get you in your vulnerable state. Club-friendly and made for the dance floor, this track is all about knowing the right feelings.


Pre-order Rainbow on digital stores HERE


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