El Maestro’s “Grootman Groove” is Made For The Dancefloor

El Maestro Grootman Groove is Made For The Dancefloor

El Maestro’s long awaited “Grootman Groove EP” is finally out and this one highlights his evolution as a producer, DJ, and growth as an individual.


El Maestro has spent decades in the Amapiano mainstream, so he sure knows he way around most things. The only thing this veteran producer lacks is fame and without fame, most of one’s work seems wasteful. By our continuous efforts in exposing this talents to our audience, we can only hope you all begin to appreciate the content he is made up of.

Today, we treat you with his newest EP, “Grootman Groove” and this project seems to be an exploration of themes of Ubuntu and togetherness, expressed through infectious beats and sultry vocals, making it a perfect fit for the festivities.

This project holds six tracks that hit even harder than much of his already impressive catalogue. Stream below and don’t forget to rate the EP using the comment section below.



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