Major League Djz Adds Their Touch To Tyla’s “Water” Hit Single

Major League Djz Adds Their Touch To Tyla Water Hit Single

Major League Djz has added their unique touch to Tyla’s hit single, “Water,” and unlike remixes by other known artists, this one is simple, clean and not overly compacted with additional sounds that we begin to lose the real taste of the track.


It seems incredibly improbable that it’s taken this long for one of Amapiano’s biggest duo to add their sauce to one of the biggest record in the world at the moment. Well, better late than never! Extending the dominance of “Water,” Major League Djz are here with a hard-hitting remix and this one is a pure banger.

On Water Remix, Major League Djz add more percussions and bass, introducing chords and other modern Piano elements when necessary. The result is a track that is sure to get regular play throughout the rest of the year. It’s the kind of song you can listen to over and over again.

Have a taste below.


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