MÖRDA Shows Unseen Side in “ASANTE II”

MÖRDA Shows Unseen Side in "ASANTE II"

Not every side of MÖRDA have you seen nor have you heard all of his production range. On “ASANTE II,” the former Black Motion star exposes us to the affectionate side of his soundscape.

A nonconformist to trends, MÖRDA’s soundscapes transcend any fixed production pattern and today he shows his range and diversity in this 12-track project he aptly named “ASANTE II.”

“ASANTE II” is MÖRDA’s blend of eclectics sounds that simply proves that while he is a man of the music, he’s not afraid to show us his sonic visions that are entirely his. Featured on this album include his wife, DJ Zinhle, Mhaw Key, Murumba Pitch, Brenden Praise, Thakzin and others too numerous to mention.

Tracks on this album aren’t just made for the dancing and grooving but instead leaves the listener seeking to tap into their cores. If you’re a lover of all things house, then you should plug on to this one and I bet you won’t have any regret.



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