Mr JazziQ Brings Us “Hamba naye” With Pcee, Justin99, MaTen & Jandas

Mr JazziQ Brings Us Hamba naye With Pcee, Justin99, MaTen & Jandas

Mr JazziQ’s long awaited single “Hamba naye” is finally out and this track takes a refreshing dive into the Amapiano genre with an irresistible chords and percussive bass.

On “Hamba naye,” Mr JazziQ recruits the assistance of Black is Brown soldiers, With Pcee, Justin99, MaTen & Jandas, and together they create a mesmerizing track, one that you can’t help but want to keep on repeat.

Mr JazziQ has left a permanent mark in the Amapiano music world. His productions over the past couple of years have been the pillar and foundation in which the sound was build upon. His ability to push the creative boundaries of the Amapiano sound has made him one of the most sought after.

Today, he spice our weekend with this hot banger called “Hamba naye.” If you give this drop a thorough listen, you’ll know what I mean when I said Mr JazziQ is the pillar of the Amapiano genre.


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