Jandas Makes Debut With ‘Inception EP’

Jandas Makes Debut With Inception EP

Jandas is Black is Brown newest signee and as per the tradition of the label, he his making his appearance and entrance known with the release of ‘Inception EP.’

Whether showcasing music from its founder, Mr JazziQ or dishing out productions from its signed producers and vocalists, Black is Brown is a union of very talented artists and they never fail to showcase their full-house range and versatility via singles and albums. Today, the label has exposed us to the talents of Jandas with the release of ‘Inception EP.’

‘Inception EP’ is a collection of six tracks and it’s Jandas first collection of heaters as a member of Black is Brown records. Jandas is a Sgija hitmaker. Not only does he know how to influence our mood with his packs of melodic bangers, but he also knows how to pack a punch when it comes to curating raw Sgija flavour.

‘Inception EP’ is the latest from him and this one is definitely a progressive way to express his inner thoughts and feeling.

1. Joy (feat. Zan’Ten)
2. Mbali (feat. Lwamii, 2Kultured & Kay Invictus)
3. Ubumnandi (feat. Lwamii & Djy Biza)
4. Carolina (feat. Pcee & Djy Biza)
5. Sjanda 7 (feat. Djy Ma’Ten)
6. Sjanda 1 (feat. Mr JazziQ, Busta 929, Djy Biza & Almighty)

Stream below.


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