Xduppy is Here With “Joy”

Xduppy is Here With Joy

Rising producer and deejay, Xduppy takes listeners on a trip into the Sgija realm via this eight-track album called “Joy.”

From playing sold out shows at some of the Mzansi most popular nightclubs to shutting down events and festival stages, Xduppy has quickly became a massive name in Amapiano. With lots of hits delivered over the last couple of years, it’s safe to say he has pioneered quite the remarkable path for himself.

Closing on his activities for 2023, the producer and deejay has delivered to us this heavy collection of banger called “Joy.” “Joy” is a project that digs deeper on the Sgija sound.

Give it a few listens and appreciate the true essence of the emerging sound. This project is a true masterpiece and Hopefully, we’ll all be headbanging to this once the festive season kicks in. Enjoy.


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