Amu Classic & Kappie Take Hold of Charts With “Malambane”

Amu Classic, Kappie, Djy Vino - Malambane ft LeeMckrazy, Mellow & Sleazy

Amu Classic & Kappie have proven that they can fully stand alone and flourish without the guidance of any major label. Less than a year of completely going independent, they have blessed us with lots of bangers and today, they return with another infectious record called “Malambane” and this one features Djy Vino, LeeMckrazy, Mellow & Sleazy.

The soundscapes Amu Classic & Kappie have come up with since the end of the ATK MusiQ group has been infectious. While it bangs completely different from what it used to, this freshly cooked sound changed the Amapiano game and eventually placed them on the map. Although they still rely on styles from their ATK band, they have been able to come up with unique melodies and elements that has kept listeners addicted to their sound.

The year is about entering it’s second quaters and it’s only reasonable that they release a banger and today, they deliver to us “Malambane” featuring Djy Vino, LeeMckrazy, Mellow & Sleazy. This track is a beautiful burst of blissful chords, percussions, and vocals that perfectly exemplifies the sound that made Amu Classic & Kappie a household name.

“Malambane” is an infectious offering. Brace yourselves, it’s gonna be a wild ride into the depth of the Amapiano sound!

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