Any Song Recorded In My Studio Belongs To Me – DJ Maphorisa

The ownership of a song can be a very tricky debate. Is it the person creating the beat, the vocalists, the sound engineer, the composer, or even the studio owner who truly owns the song?


There exists several loopholes in these field that if not studied carefully, one might get played. Hours back, veteran producer and deejay, DJ Maphorisa has come out to say that every song recorded in his studio belongs to him.

The producer revealed that he doesn’t care who is the brain behind the track, but given that the track was recorded in his studio, it eventually belongs to him and he’s entitled to claim ownership.

“When you record music in my computer, in my studio, in my home, in my electricity, that song is mine, it belongs to me, you must understand that… When you work on somebody’s studio, that song is not yours,” DJ Maphorisa said in his live Instagram feed.


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