Chipkings – Easter Deluxe Amapiano Mix

Chipkings - Easter Deluxe Amapiano Mix

We enjoy the sounds of producers more during their rising stage. Don’t get me wrong, a good producer delivers fire contents at every stage of their career but there is this range in upcomings that make them give out only the best. Today, we sip in the finest of Chipkings’ productions via this infectious Amapiano mixtape called “Easter Deluxe Mix.”

Chipkings is a producer to keep watch on. Although up and coming, his productions have been so magical and his debut Album, Lerato can easily become one of the biggest project of the year if promoted appropriately.

For those who are seeking to know more about this producer, he today gifts us with a hot new selection that is filled to the brim with his infectious productions. Like with most mixtapes, this one is the perfect window into the mind of this esteemed producer.

Chipkings has a lot under his sleaves for fans this year and we are really not surprised how loaded he is, considering how he worked so hard to get to the position he currently occupies. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Chipkings – Easter Deluxe Amapiano Mix

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