DJ Ace – Imithandazo Slow Jam

DJ Ace - Imithandazo Slow Jam

“Imithandazo Slow Jam” is the newest banger from DJ Ace and without a doubt the sound is within its own lane.

Slow Jam is gradually getting the recognition it deserved in the SA music scene. Producers like DJ Ace have worked tirelessly to ensure the sound penetrate every corners of the country. “Imithandazo Slow Jam” is a new Slow Jam bliss we would love to introduce to you and the BPM twist make this track the perfect opener to any local event where a DJ plans to take complete control of the crowd.

The record is 6 minutes of pure sustained bass and it’s a must listen to for Piano and house music fans alike!

DOWNLOAD MP3: DJ Ace – Imithandazo Slow Jam


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