DJ Hugo & DJ Shima – 10111 sessions Vol. 27

DJ Hugo & DJ Shima - 10111 sessions Vol. 27

Ever wondered what it will be like to have Sgidongo and Soulful together on a tape? DJ Hugo & DJ Shima make that a reality with their newest mixtape, “10111 sessions Vol. 27.”

Most Amapiano newcomers are too fixated on Tiktok Amapiano producers and deejays that they no longer appreciate the talents of underground acts who have made Amapiano what it is. For us, it is always our thing to remind newcomers of what they are missing when they omit productions and mixes from rising figures like DJ Hugo & DJ Shima.

If you really want to enjoy and understand what Amapiano is all about, especially the Sgidongo and Soulful sounds, then we would advise you to plug on to this selection from DJ Hugo & DJ Shima called “10111 sessions Vol. 27.”

“10111 sessions Vol. 27” is perfectly curated and a solid addition to any weekend playlist when you want to just let loose and dance the long night away. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD MP3: DJ Hugo & DJ Shima – 10111 sessions Vol. 27

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