DJ Stokie Sets Us For The Weekend Buzz With “Sthandwa Sami”

DJ Stokie Sthandwa Sami ft. Sobzeen & Lington

In the next couple of weeks, the Amapiano music scene will be faced with a project from DJ Stokie. As per custom and tradition, the veteran producer is promoting the upcoming album with this infectious new single, “Sthandwa Sami” featuring Sobzeen & Lington.

DJ Stokie is a man on an incredible trajectory in the Amapiano music industry. Being some of the first producer to jump into the Amapiano trends, he is celebrated for his holistic approach to production and his extraordinary range as a producer.

Since his burst into the mainstream in 2017, there hasn’t been any year the scene is not blessed with a smasher from his corners and obviously, this fact about him isn’t ending anytime soon. Today, this producer is here with “Sthandwa Sami,” an explosive track that combines instrumental rhythm with captivating vocals from Sobzeen & Lington.

DJ Stokie has proven himself to be one of the most prolific producer of our time. And releases like this solidify that fact. DJ Stokie’s Immortal will drop June 26 and I believe after you listen to this album’s pre-release, you will hurrily pre-order the upcoming project. Enjoy!

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