It’s A Crime Not To Have Kwiish SA’s ‘Mohlahli Album’ On Your Playlist

We had a lot on our decks over the weekend so we didn’t have the time to give Kwiish SA’s newest Mohlahli album a thorough listen but now that we have, we are declaring that it’s a crime in the Amapiano court of law not to have this beautiful project on your playlist.

Kwiish SA has evolved his sound over the years to make an insane fusion of Soulful, Kota and Kwaito-influenced music. His sound carries both the old essence and new components of the Amapiano sound and it’s no wonder he has remained active despite the several changes that have swept through the Amapiano music scene. Taking his fans once again on a melodic ride, this majestic producer has served us with a powerful new album that is sure to send shockwaves through the scene.

On “Mohlahli,” Kwiish SA hit fans with a combination of old school piano flairs while incorporating a fresher side that make up the modern Amapiano sound. With a length of 13 tracks, the project features perfect collabs that will blast the speakers and get everyone up and moving.

The album is mostly an exposure of young talents as it features lots of up and upcoming figures with a exception of some few established characters such as Dr Thulz, Mulumnator, Cow Boii and Decency. Overall, this album plays into new and old sounds; giving it an soulful, and rigid touches throughout.

Don’t get arrested. Go grab your copy of the project in stores now!

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