Lowbass Djy – Perc Hub Series EP

Lowbass Djy - Perc Hub Series EP

For Sgidongo to become an established sound in the Amapiano music scene, it needs dope offerings that will open the sub-genre to more ears and Lowbass Djy is doing well in that regards. Today, he serves us with “Perc Hub Series,” a 3-track EP that makes you want to know more about the sound.

Lowbass Djy is an independent producer and DJ who has dominated local dance floors with his unique Amapiano offerings that lean more on the Sgidongo spectrum of the Amapiano sound. As an independent producer, his talents have been noticed by some A-listers, including Skroef28 and Nkulee 501.

Seeking to give listeners of the Amapiano sound even more reasons to pay attention to the emerging Sgidongo melody, he has served us with this powerful EP called “Perc Hub Series.”

Featuring 3 tracks, all solely produced by him, this EP is basically the fundamentals of how Lowbass Djy came up with the Sgidongo melody and how he intends to push it. Each track on this project has their own new exciting flavors that are sure to satisfy your ears.

Short but mighty, this small collection of bangers will maintain the Sgidongo momentum through the year 2024.

DOWNLOAD: Lowbass Djy – Perc Hub Series EP

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