Makhadzi Respond To Claims of Funding From DSAC

Makhadzi has responded to the funding claims by the department Sport, Art and culture. According to the statement released a couple of hours ago, Makhadzi claimed that she had never received any funding from the department and the R230k money being paid to her was a result of the services she has rendered and not a gift from the department.


The talk of Makhadzi receiving support from The Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture began after its new minister, Gayton McKenzie received enquiries from the media about the lack of financial support provided to Makhadzi by the Government on her recent trip to the BET Awards in the United States.

Answering to these enquiries, the DSAC asserted that it has supported Makhadzi and engaged her in the past 14 months, receiving as much as 230 000 rands of fundings. Responding to the response by the DSAC, Makhadzi has said that she has not been supported by the department in the real sense and that the R230k received from the department so far was a result of services rendered which shouldn’t count as aid.

Makhadzi wishes to give clarity and correct misleading information provided by the National Department of Sport, Arts and Culture in a statement released to media and the public on Tuesday (09 July 2024), She would like to categorically state clear that she has never received or applied for any funding from DSAC in the past 14 months as stated in the statement. We can confirm that the department contacted ‘Makhadzi to perform for the June 16 event and Presidential Inauguration which she did rendered a service) and the department paid her, that is not funding but a payment for service rendered.’ Makhadzi said in a statement.


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