Myztro, Scotts Maphuma, ShaunMusiq & Ftears Start New Trends With “Cishe Nga Posta EP”

Myztro, Scotts Maphuma, ShaunMusiq & Ftears Starts New Trends With Cishe Nga Posta

One of the major reason why Amapiano has continue to edge other sound in the South African music scene is the fact that artists of the genre are constantly working hard to bring new listening experience to listeners. One way they have done this is by starting new melodic trends and we get one of that in this collaborative EP from Myztro, Scotts Maphuma, ShaunMusiq & Ftears called “Cishe Nga Posta.”

ShaunMusiq & Ftears are production duo in the Amapiano music scene many have fallen in love with over the years, the two win listeners over with their flawless executions of feel-good energy and dancefloor induced vibes. Seeking to bring new listening experience to fans of the genre, they have teamed up together with Myztro and Scotts Maphuma for this collaborative project called “Cishe Nga Posta.”

Individually, these artists have been working hard in 2024 to bring melodic goodness to fans, and they’ve just made sure they give listeners what they have always craved for via this powerful new EP.

“Cishe Nga Posta” is a 5-track EP that seeks to bring a new experience within Myztro, Scotts Maphuma, ShaunMusiq & Ftears’ melodic reach and production viewpoint. Within this body of work, the these celebrated Amapiano figures portray an adventure through the depths of the Quantum and Sgija sub-sounds.

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