Prince Kaybee & DJ Maphorisa Fire At Each Other

It’s no longer news that DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee are not in talking terms. The two have been at each others neck for a long time now, subtly throwing shades and insults occasionally.


Following Prince Kaybee’s comments to the claim made by DJ Maphorisa that all tracks recorded at his studio outrightly belongs to him, DJ Maphorisa has responded to Prince Kaybee, saying Kaybee is in no position to talk about music. DJ Maphorisa insisted that he has achieved great success because of his policies and versatility, saying a producer like Prince Kaybee with no hit attached to their name in recent years shouldn’t be involved in a discussion that involves music right.

Responding again to DJ Maphorisa’s shades, Prince Kaybee has said it’s immoral to own the work of an artists simply because it was recorded in his studio. Kaybee hinted that there is no law anywhere in this world that regulates the talents of an artists

“There’s lack of Moral commitment to artists generally from a basic human principle to parallel their artistic capabilities and talent to a computer, lights and Nandos and its not building the economy of the artist. I disagree with what you stand for and thats that. Furthermore, they say its the law, there is no such a law, talent from a sole business(artist) can’t be regulated under any governing body because its non existent. Yall follow contracts that were made in the 1800’s to better suit record labels and no wonder record labels have become unpopular,” he said.

Prince Kaybee said it’s foolishness to quantify a personal piece of art from a talented individual to studio facilities and equipments.

“Lastly, you want to quantify a personal piece of art from a talented individual to facilities, how far do you really wanna take it?, what if the artist has had the song started before he got to the studio, what if the artist doesn’t eat, what if the artist comes with plugins and chords already formulated, how far do you want to take it?” he further added.

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