Thebelebe – My Kind of Piano (100% Production Mix)

Thebelebe - My Kind of Piano (100% Production Mix)

While it may look like Amapiano songs sound similar, they most times are far apart and producers are known to have their own different styles. Exposing you to the unique melodic styles of Thebelebe, we present to you this powerful mixtape called “My Kind of Piano (100% Production Mix).”

Thebelebe always puts his blood, sweat, and tears into everything he does. Over the years he’s drawn on influences from a range of sub-piano genres that include everything from Private school Piano to Sgija, and despite the changes that has constantly swept through the Amapiano scene, the producer has been consistent with his signature soundscapes.

Taking fans through his infectious soundscapes, Thebelebe has served us with this powerful tape called “My Kind of Piano (100% Production Mix)” and this one is filled with lots of his productions that disregards trends and smashes genre boundaries.

Everything on this mixtape is hot and you won’t have any reason to fast forward. Old players of Amapiano will appreciate this tape better than newly recruited fans because of the styles contained in the releases.



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