Kelvin Momo Is No Longer A Member of PianoHUB Records

Zatunes December 13, 2021


Kelvin Momo Is No Longer Member of PianoHUB Records

Kelvin Momo is one of the major player in the piano scene who has continue to set the bar high while churning out melodic bangers and has given the piano community some unique sounds that kept feet moving.

Expanding his reach, he entered into a collaborative deal with Kabza De Small via his pianoHUB records in 2020 and together they both did numbers while at the same time conquering unfamiliar terrains.

Since the start of the year, Kelvin Momo has managed to stay relatively quiet and hasn’t involved himself with any pianoHUB related affair, thereby confirming his quite exit from the label.

Also, Kabza De Small and pianoHub have released series of project during the course of the year but none has Kelvin Momo as a featured artists. Kelvin Momo on the other hand recently announced his Sophomore Ivy League album and surprisingly unlike his “Momo’s Private school album”, the forthcoming project will fly under his own ID.

A look at pianoHUB’s official signed artists/producer managed by LAWK communications, we could see Momo’s name was missing and this again gave a final clarification on all that is needed to know about Momo’s relationship with the label. Going forward, he will push his craft under his Independent ID.

Kelvin Momo is as good as it gets when talking about soulful piano sounds. The producer’s vibes are unmatched and so we are sure he will do great on his solo journey.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Pre-order Momo’s forthcoming Ivy league album here

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