DBN Gogo’s “SAdesFakSHen” is A Fusion of Sounds

DBN Gogo "SAdesFakSHen" is A Fusion of Sounds

The Amapiano sound is what is it today because of the fusion of various soynds. While newly concocted sounds find it hard to gain the trust attention of listeners at first play, they eventually get along with the sound after a proper melodic digestion.


Today, we get introduced to new sound fusion via “SAdesFakSHen” by DBN Gogo featuring Benny Benassi and Thuto The Human, and this drop is a perfect blend of EDM and Amapiano.

“SAdesFakSHen” is a complete track that brings intoxicating energy to the table, combining EDM elements with Piano chords and percussive synths, melodies and groovy drums… Oops, did I mention the background vocal support? The combination of these elements is mad! You’ll want to witness seven-minute takeover in high groove fashion.



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