De Mthuda & Kabza De Small’s “Muntu Wam” is Already Piercing Through Charts

As part of his Baba Yaga album promotion, De Mthuda has again served us with “Muntu Wam,” a track that features Kabza De Small, Da Muziqal Chef, Sino Msolo & Murumba Pitch.


De Mthuda is known for delivering bangers, and he continues to retain his name in the charts. With a model of regularly releasing hits, he presents “Muntu Wam” today—a track showcasing his production prowess with a blend of piano, chords, powerful percussion, and sultry vocals.

The track is co-produced by Kabza De Small and Da Muziqal Chef, with vocals delivered by Sino Msolo & Murumba Pitch. Driven by the urge to keep dancefloor pounding, De Mthuda has truly created something special: a song that feels timeless.

Make sure to enjoy this track in the comfort of your home and don’t forget to preorder the full album on DSPs. Enjoy.

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