Senior Oat Cancels Gigs Due To Injury

Super-talented vocalists and producer, Senior Oat has cancelled all pending Gigs and events for the month due to a severe injury he sustained a while ago.


Senior Oat sustained the the severe injury on the 16th of July just as he was about to perform at Cabanas_Inn in Viljoenskroon. Due the the unexpected turn of events, he was unable to pitch at all events he was booked for on that day.

He is currently recovering at home and would get back to the big stage when he has been certified to do so by his medical professionals. For now, he is using this time to produce tracks that will be featured on his forthcoming album which is due out in July.

“Hey everyone! I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to address something important and share an update regarding my recent
injury. Unfortunately, yesterday(16 June) I experienced a severe injury just as i was about to perform at @cabanas_inn in Viljoenskroon and later at @The_Pearl_Klerksdorp , which prevented me from taking the stage. I want to thank everyone who showed up to support me, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Today, I must sadly inform you that due to the same injury, I won’t be able to
perform tonight as well at @Zero17_lifestyle in Breyton and @real_club in Glenmore. I’m truly devastated about this unforeseen setback, as I was eagerly looking forward to sharing my passion with all of you. I’m working closely with medical professionals to ensure a speedy recovery, and I promise to keep you updated on my progress,”
part of his statement reads.


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