Sir Trill Reveals why He Doesn’t Accept Some Bookings

Sir Trill Reveals why He Doesn

After being called out by fans for his nonchalant attitudes with regards bookings, Sir Trill has cleared the air, defending his actions and that of his manager.

In a question and answer session on Instagram, the Amapiano hitmaker stated that he doesn’t accept some bookings because the renumeration is small.

“For those saying change your management, how my man? When you call my manager that you want to book Sir Trill with R5000 and then my manager rejects the offer. Now you want to tell me he is a bad manager, how is he a bad manager when you book Sir Trill with R5000 and book another Artist from another stable (don’t want to say name) and give them R40000. They get on stage and they do three to four songs. They do three songs, you give them R40000 and then you gonna call Sir Trill and give him R5k.” He stated.

He also lamented how organizers wanted more from him despite the peanuts they are willing to pay.

“I get on stage and do lots of songs and will even want to close the doors and say you are not going to go out until you perform the whole but you didn’t pay for the whole thing so?” He further queried.

He asked his fans and promoter’s to stop blaming the management and instead do the right thing.

“So stop blaming the management, the management is no problem. The problem is people no honoring the agreement of things. By law I Know what I’m suppose to be getting and I have been asking politely, homies do these things.” He concluded.


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