Gaba Cannal – AmaPiano Forecast Mix

Gaba Cannal - AmaPiano Forecast Mix

If you want to have a bite of what a true Amapiano mixtape is, then take a listen to this new mixtape from Gaba Cannal that is been made available by the AmaPiano Forecast Session.

Gaba Cannal is the man behind lots of Amapiano trends. Many ears in South Africa first heard the sound through the channels of the producer and it’s no wonder many calls him the maker and defender of piano. As someone whose music is soulful, and musically driving and fun, we truly wish those who are new to Amapiano get to digest more of his sound if they seek the real knowledge and story behind the dominating genre.

One way you can consume more of his productions is via his mixes and today, we get one of his selection via this one that was made available by the AmaPiano Forecast session.

This mixtape is one that is filled with explosive sounds and fine-tuned aggressive productions. From start to finish, there is never a track you did wish to skip. Expect Gaba Cannal to demolish speakers and musical with this one.



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